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Depression Sucks (and other truths)

Depression really does suck on so many levels. So does a computer that doesn’t want to work. So does what’s happening in America right now. There are so many facets to the depression I’ve been dealing with, but the main two are listed above. When you have chronic depression, a working computer and the country […]

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NaNo Progress

NaNo has been incredibly slow going. BUT! But… I’ve written words. More words than I’ve written in a long time. Which still isn’t a lot, but is heartening. And, I’m learning to embrace the strikethrough in lieu of deleting. Even just words or sentences. Who knows when those might be useful? If I’m going to […]

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NaNoWriMo is the word

I’ve had a hard time writing anything the last year. I’m not alone in this. One of the things I discovered about my own writing over the last few years is that the major theme in what I write is Hope. Hope for the future, for life, for love or happiness or both. But, with […]

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My Fave Romance Trope (#BroodyBFF)

I haven’t been blogging much like I said I would, have I? It’s mainly because I feel like I don’t have much to say. For a long time I had thoughts about many things that I wrote down, but lately? Nah. Nothing. But thanks to Broody McHottiepants and being picked to be a #BroodyBFF, I […]

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In the event of a bully…

[TRIGGER WARNING: I discuss ASSAULT in this post.] It’s been a while. Again. But such is my life where blogging is something I have to set aside to get work and life done. Of course, there are also a dozen or so drafts in my folder that I’ve started but never finished and never posted […]

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The Never-Ending Cold

Ugh. Two weeks ago, I came down with a monster of a cold. And it lasted two weeks. I’m still suffering the effects of the sinus issue in the back of my nose, but the rest has finally abated and left me wondering what happened to the two weeks that passed. I must say that […]

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Insomnia and The West Wing

The West Wing. That’s my go-to feel good show right now. It’s hopeful, it’s smart, it’s something other than what we have going on right now. I watch it mainly while I have insomnia, which is a lot here recently. Flares and book hangovers and general anxiety help make sleep the impossible dream. My sleep […]

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In the meantime…

So, it’s been an incredibly stressful couple of weeks. Like, holy shit the stress. Not just for me, but for millions and millions of Americans. Friday was terrible. Saturday was much much better. The days since have provided blow after blow of HOLY SHIT and WTactualF galore. Banging your head against the wall won’t do anything […]

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Today is for…

… drinking a gallon of coffee/tea. … reading a good book. … #BLANKETFORT … watching that movie you’ve been wanting to see. … taking a nap. … Netflix and pizza. … daydreams. … playing solitaire. … snuggling with a cat/dog/other fluffball. … chatting with friends. … whatever makes you happy.   Today is for taking […]

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My brain, basically

The thing about 2017 is that it’s just the beginning. I know that’s a weird place to start a blog post, almost like it’s the middle of a thought process, but that’s because it kind of is. You see. I think and I’m not always at my computer to start typing as soon as I […]

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