I’m in the Hospital

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There’s not much to tell about it other than I went to the Urgent Care clinic in my town yesterday morning, got some pain meds and a prescription for an antibiotic, and went home to get some sleep. About an hour later, I was awake again and begging my husband to call an ambulance.

Turns out that going to the hospital was a good idea. They found some things that were concerning, but they think that pumping me full of antibiotics and monitoring me should be enough. So, I’m here until tomorrow evening or Friday morning/afternoon. 

I’m looking forward to no more pain and my own bed, but I don’t mind being here if that means I get better and there are people here to help me if something goes wrong. I doubt anything goes wrong though. For now, they want me walking around a bit. I’ve got a couple hours until my next round of antibiotics, so I’m free from my IV tagalong until then. 

My husband dropped off some supplies for me last night. I’ve got crochet hooks and yarn, clothes to change into and my toiletries, and my old laptop, which is how I’m writing this. It’s old and slow, but it serves its purpose while I’m stuck in my hospital room. I’ll be able to get some writing done when I’m not crocheting or listening to an audiobook on my phone… Although, I may also just stick to Netflix. We’ll see how the hospital does as a muse and figure it out from there.

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