Patreon Story: My Deadly Soulmate

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Tomorrow I will post the first part of my Patreon story, My Deadly Soulmate, for the public to read. Every post after that will be for $3 tier and up patrons.

A brief description:

Sara’s eighteenth birthday starts out just like everyone else’s – with stares and whispered conversations from her classmates. In a world where soulmates are real and a long life can mean forever, everyone wants to know if they’ve found The One.

All Sara wants to do is spend the day doing class work and hiding from her longtime crush, Theo, the most popular boy in school. But her birthday is about to become a real life nightmare and secrets kept for centuries will force her to run.

Because her soulmate knows she’s alive. And he wants to live forever.


Most of the last two weeks have been me getting the story written and ready, including that graphic up there which was much harder to create than it should have been. Mainly because I didn’t have a name other than “Patreon Story” until literally yesterday. Naming my own stories is not my strong suit, so I decided to go simple.

Now that that part is over with, the only thing I have to concentrate on for the next few days is my witchy fun story. I’ve neglected it while getting the Patreon story ready and planned, but no more. I should still have the first draft finished by my self-imposed deadline.

Anyway, I should get back to it. Don’t forget to stop by Patreon tomorrow!

Until next time!

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