Writing and Space

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Don’t worry. I haven’t abandoned the blog again. I’m still around.

I’ve been writing, but I’m not pushing it. Basically, I write a little bit here and there throughout the day, making a little bit of progress as I go. I’m okay with this. It’s easier for me while I get back into the habit of making words fit together. 

When I’m not writing, I’m playing games. For a while, it was Civ5, but I decided to move onto a different game. Well, sort of different…

Badass looking aliens!

Endless Space 2 is my current game obsession. It is… It’s a hard game. I don’t know if it’s just me and the way I play turn-based games or what, but I just about get my ass kicked in every game. It’s super frustrating, but I love it.

My very first computer game was Master of Orion. Anyone remember that game? Heard of it, even? It was the starting point for my love of turn-based strategy games. I loved it. I knew all the cheats, but didn’t need them to win. Sometimes it was fun to go in and cheat and completely decimate* an entire galaxy of aliens. Other times, I preferred the long, slow pace of just seeing what happens. I was a teenager, so I wanted to WIN a lot though, so cheats.

It was the 90s. This is what games looked like.

From there, aside from console games (Tekken Tag FTW!!) I went to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Of course, I played the Alien Crossfire expansion pack as well.

So, while enjoy the Civ games, my heart is in space and I will always pick spacey games over anything else. 

So, basically, if I’m not writing, I’m trying to take over a galaxy. Wish me luck!

*I’ll have to tell you my decimate story soon. It’s a thing that made me think in relation to the evolution of language. 



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