Nightmares, Panic attacks, and Words

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I should be sleeping


The last couple of nights have been super fun in that OMG THIS IS TERRIFYING WAKE UP kind of way. So, ya know, not fun at all. The only problem with waking up is that the panic from the dreams follows me into wakefulness so I really can’t get away from it at all.

So, I’ve been writing. A little bit. It’s nice to have something to get into where you can channel that panic and use it for something with a purpose. Even if the book I’m writing never sees the light of day, there’s a purpose to it. There’s always a purpose to stories, even the private ones people tell only to themselves.

The panic attacks have been helpful in writing the panic my main character feels. Our panic comes from different events, but there’s always a commonality with panic; the loss of control. And she has none right now. And there are certain things I can’t control.

Still, I wish I could pull from past experience when writing her panic instead of being awake and writing it in the middle of the night. I’d much prefer to sleep right now.



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