Time for more words

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Getting back into writing is a relief. For too long my creative well was dry, but it slowly refilled itself. And I didn’t notice until I got my computer out one day and actually wrote words and wanted to write more.

The best part is how the words are flowing. There’s very little hesitation in what I’m writing and when there is hesitation, it’s due to my ability to think of a word and literally a second later not be able to pull that word back out of my brain. It ends up with me either opening up a thesaurus, sitting back and rubbing my head, or asking my husband the “What’s that word…?” question.

Yesterday, I wrote over 1,000 words. ONE THOUSAND WORDS!!! At first, I thought that was total words written in the entire document, but when I checked, it was the one single scene I’d just started.

What I’m writing is most definitely crap that will have to be fixed if I decide to do anything with it. But that’s the thing. I’m writing because it’s fun. Because this story is fun. Because I’m not writing it to impress anyone, I’m writing it because I want to know the story. Because I want to know what happens next. There’s no pressure for it to be great or even just good. The only thing it needs right now is to be written.

For a few months, I wondered if I should even call myself a writer anymore, and this last couple of weeks have really really settled that: Yes, I absolutely can and should.

Now, time for more words.



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