NaNo Progress

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NaNo has been incredibly slow going. BUT! But… I’ve written words. More words than I’ve written in a long time. Which still isn’t a lot, but is heartening. And, I’m learning to embrace the strikethrough in lieu of deleting. Even just words or sentences. Who knows when those might be useful?

If I’m going to make the 50K mark, though, I need to get going on those high wordcount days. There’s a LOT happening in November… My husband and I celebrate our anniversary, my son’s birthday, dr appointments for me and kids, and Thanksgiving all conspire to make writing difficult on those and surrounding days.

It doesn’t help that my Fibromyalgia and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) are constantly there. One of the points of my doing NaNo this year is for me to find a new normal. I need to find a way to write and make it a habit again.

As far as how things are going with my book of short stories, I’m pleased with the character and where she’s taking me. We had a bit of a fight at the start and she let me know pretty quickly that I was not telling her story right and that I needed to start over. It wasn’t too far in, so it wasn’t a hassle. Also, it’s her story. I’m just dictating what she’s telling me.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get back to it. I’ll have to nap soon (courtesy of CFS) and need to get more words in before I do.

How’s your November going so far?




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