NaNoWriMo is the word

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I’ve had a hard time writing anything the last year. I’m not alone in this.

One of the things I discovered about my own writing over the last few years is that the major theme in what I write is Hope. Hope for the future, for life, for love or happiness or both. But, with the news constantly beating the death drums, it’s been hard to find hope. I still have it, but that little bit I have to save for myself and my family. Hope that we will be okay. It’s been hard to find enough to expand that to my stories.

But, I need to try.

So, I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I’m switching things up though. The last few times I’ve participated, I’ve focused on fitting a character into a plot which hasn’t worked out well. I’ve trunked every NaNo novel I’ve ever written because of that.

Instead, I’m going to focus on a single character and tell her stories. It will be 50,000 words not in novel form, but in multiple short stories. All I will have for these stories when NaNo starts are the titles and my character whom I absolutely love.

She’s a sassy, snarky, mess. She’s Jessica Jones and Buffy. She’s angry and passionate. She’s good at kicking ass and taking names and her wing action is incredibly on point. Don’t even try to get between her and the doors to Ulta, either literally or monetarily.

I’m super excited to write her. She’s been sitting in the back of my mind for a while now, leaning precariously on the hind legs of her chair and popping her gum in my direction. She’s not pleased it’s taken this long to get to her, but she also understands why. She’s the character I need right now and I think her stories will be cathartic.

Maybe you can meet her one day. 😉




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