My Fave Romance Trope (#BroodyBFF)

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I haven’t been blogging much like I said I would, have I? It’s mainly because I feel like I don’t have much to say. For a long time I had thoughts about many things that I wrote down, but lately? Nah. Nothing.

But thanks to Broody McHottiepants and being picked to be a #BroodyBFF, I now have things to blog about!! Yay!

And he wants me to tell you all about my favorite romance trope!

My FAVE fave

I absolutely love the Enemies to Loves trope. It. Is. Everything. To me. It doesn’t even have to be enemies, so much as “I can’t stand you stay away!” to “Holy crap, I think I actually love you!” The build to that realization is always so thrilling.

My Second fave

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this one because I do love it so, but the Triangle. I do love a good love triangle. It’s always so thrilling to pick a #Team and finally see who the main character picks. Even if the triangle branches out a few times, it’s so so much fun!


What’s your favorite romance trope?


Don’t know who Broody is? He’s the love interest in every book you’ve ever read, especially YA, and he’s got a book coming out that you will LOVE, just like you love him at first sight. *sigh*




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