The Never-Ending Cold

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Two weeks ago, I came down with a monster of a cold. And it lasted two weeks. I’m still suffering the effects of the sinus issue in the back of my nose, but the rest has finally abated and left me wondering what happened to the two weeks that passed.

I must say that my family really picked up where I fell off. I’m both surprised and not surprised. I have a really amazing husband and kids but I always put more on my shoulders to save them the trouble of having to do things. It’s always nice to be reminded that not only are they willing to help, but they are more than capable of helping. Honestly, the living room hasn’t looked this good in a long time, so they went above and beyond for me. Did I mention how amazing they are? Well, they’re amazing.

The thing about this cold is how much time I lost. I slept a lot. I dozed even more. I stared into outer space in the direction of the TV. I was able to read and understand a book while sick which is pretty awesome. I think the medicine I took helped with that. It took me longer to read it than it usually does, but I still enjoyed it. That’s a new thing I’ve never been able to do before, so yay?… *nods* Yay.

In the meantime, I’m working on Grimm Tidings 3. There’s this thing happening in the writing world during the month of March where you write one page a day. I’ve thought about doing it, but with the sick, it was impossible to start. I could start now, but I do my writing on Scrivner which makes it difficult to know what a page is. Like, do I do a kindle page? What about font? Space between lines? Or is it a paperback page format? Hardback? What size is the book? All very good questions that I don’t have the brain space to answer, so I write as much as I can in a day and if that’s more than a page great. If it’s less, that’s fine too. At least I got some words down.

For now, I’m going to get some sinus medicine in me for the back of my nose and see if a page is something I can accomplish.



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