My brain, basically

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The thing about 2017 is that it’s just the beginning.

I know that’s a weird place to start a blog post, almost like it’s the middle of a thought process, but that’s because it kind of is.

You see. I think and I’m not always at my computer to start typing as soon as I start thinking, and that means I sometimes get so far ahead of where I started, I wind up in the middle. And then I don’t blog at all because if I start back at the beginning, I’ll lose where I went with it and it won’t be as poignant.

Because, obviously, everything I have to say is poignant. (stop laughing)

My brain, basically.

I self-edit quite often too. Like, that joke I just made to have you stop laughing? I normally would’ve backspaced it into oblivion. I didn’t today though. Mainly because it’s Monday, but also mainly because I think it’s funny and this is my blog so there. Harumph.

This is all part of my ADD though. My brain moves too quickly sometimes. I can’t keep up. Or, my fingers can’t anyway. I could take medicine, but I’ve tried that before and WHOA did that not go well. Of course, things were different then and various life things were all kinds of out of whack nor had I been diagnosed with my Fibro/CFS yet and that pain and fatigue was still there, so things could be different now if I tried. Who knows though?

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, this is a rambling post about my brain with ADD and there is absolutely no point.

For now, I’ll let you get back to your Monday. Maybe I’ll write about that strange, middle-of-the-thought sentence I started with.

Then again, maybe I won’t be able to catch up with my brain. 😉



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